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Preeti Shah - The Digital Content Creator in the Making

  • by Preeti Shah
  • 17 July 2023


Hey, I’m Preeti Shah

I am a forensic graphologist, digital content creator, copywriter, branding strategist, and author based in Delhi, and I specialize in providing brand-building SEO writing services.

Besides writing, I am a full-time Blogger.

Here I will share a glimpse of my journey from writing for my blog to writing for high-paying clients.

I want to share my life experiences with budding writers to help them start their writing journey quickly.

With years of experience, my expertise lies in writing compelling content for forensic science, personal development, finance, digital marketing, and education sectors. These are only a few to name. I have worked for several clients in different niches.

My USP is to write bespoke, well-researched, high-quality, and engaging articles within a specified timeframe. 


How I Got Interested In Writing?

I have been passionate about reading and writing since childhood. I never crammed my lessons. I usually understand the concept and reproduce it in my own words. 

And the credit goes to my mother, who is responsible for developing this habit in me. 

However, sometimes your passion remains confined at the subconscious level. 

You are unable to recognize your true power. Your conscious mind gets dominated by the expectations of your family and society. 

However, my love for writing never faded. Before taking up writing as a full-time profession, I was a graphology and handwriting improvement coach. I developed graphology courseware and started a blog on this topic. 

And during the pandemic, when everything was shut down, I converted my hobby of writing into a profession.


Transforming From Hobby to Profession

I completed my bachelor's in Physics from Miranda House, Delhi University. I did my Post Graduate Diploma in forensic graphology, questioned document examination, and fingerprint examination from Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science, Delhi. 

After this, I started practicing as a graphologist and handwriting improvement coach. 

I also created my blog to share my thoughts about topics related to handwriting analysis. I was an offline coach. 

However, during the pandemic, no offline classes were running. 

So I thought about why I should sit idle. 

Why not turn my hobby into a full-time profession? 

So, I took online content writing training and practiced daily for three months. I was like a horse with blinders.

After that, there was no looking back. I won an online writing contest and started doing ghostwriting for several clients. 

Now, I know that if I want to stand out, I need to create a solid online presence to showcase my expertise and attract potential clients.

I developed my portfolio website cum blog and started sharing my articles. 

I am currently working with Dr. Ranjeet Singh, CEO of SIFS India, and writing for his personal website.


Pro Advice for Aspiring Writers

If you are truly passionate about something, keep working consistently. Implement what you have learned, analyze the outcome, and improve further. Do not keep on acquiring knowledge alone. Focus on implementing. 

Also, while beginning your writing career, create a strong personal online brand, pick a niche, and start writing for anyone online medium. I prefer LinkedIn and Medium.

If you have your blog, start posting on it consistently.

Also, in the early stages, you might not get clients who pay what you desire. It is ok. Do not decline the offer. Write for them, gain experience, and ask for testimonials. After gaining experience and creating a strong online authority, you will surely get an opportunity to work with high-paying clients.



Certified Content Writer, Graphologist, Author, Blogger, and YouTuber. Join me here to learn personality development through handwriting in easy to follow steps.