Motivational Quotes

Top 30 Evergreen Motivational Quotes for Your Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

  • by Preeti Shah
  • 30 June 2023


"Curiosity is nature's gift to humanity. It leads to freedom. A curious brain breaks all barriors to know life's purpose." - Preeti Shah


"Love repels hatred. It is like the light that can outshine the darkness." - Preeti Shah


"Create your path. Do not compare your life and journey with others." - Preeti Shah


"Create and execute your plan. Create a good, not perfect, plan and execute it without delay." - Preeti Shah


"Be consistent. Focus on one step at a time. Every step is a step forward toward the fulfillment of your goal." - Preeti Shah


"Create a daily to-do list. Prioritize tasks, treat each task like your enemy, and finish it in time." - Preeti Shah


"Get trained by experienced mentors. Duplicate their strategies, and do not waste time experimenting yourself." - Preeti Shah


"Practice silence. Connect with yourself daily and discard toxic elements to refocus and restore your lost energy." - Preeti Shah


"Practice forgiveness. Let go of the feeling of revenge. It reduces the burden of negative thoughts." - Preeti Shah


"Do not try to change everything. Distinguish between things you can change and ones you cannot to live a happy life." - Preeti Shah


"Connect and spend quality time with your friends and family to laugh more, worry less, and live longer." - Preeti Shah


"Be a leader and bring change with your wisdom and intellect, not war." - Preeti Shah


"Be your original self. It's more important to be a true nobody than a fake idiot." - Preeti Shah


"Set achievable goals. But once set, forget the goal, focus on the plan, and enjoy the process." - Preeti Shah


"Life is often like chaos. Learn how to untangle its true purpose." - Preeti Shah


"Love is like a game of chess. Give your best moves and let the love take its course." - Preeti Shah


"Not making mistakes is the biggest mistake you can ever make in your life." - Preeti Shah


"Be creative. Break the old thinking patterns and find innovative solutions to problems." - Preeti Shah


"If you enjoy spending time with yourself, you can never feel alone." - Preeti Shah


"Knowledge is an asset, but implementing it for the betterment of society portrays its true power." - Preeti Shah


"Not knowing your weaknesses is the biggest disease. Get rid of it as soon as possible. Be honest with yourself." - Preeti Shah


"Be a therapist. Not merely share your knowledge with people but work to change their lives." - Preeti Shah


"Falling prey to bad habits is easy, and rising above them is difficult, just like loving someone is more difficult than hating them." - Preeti Shah


"True success lies in the courage to overcome obstacles, looking for growth opportunities, and paving your path to greatness." - Preeti Shah


"Success is a journey fueled by determination, challenges, and passion that drives your progress." - Preeti Shah


"Believe in yourself fiercely; greatness is within your grasp." - Preeti Shah


"Dream big, work hard, and make your success unstoppable." - Preeti Shah


"Embrace challenges as opportunities, and let them fuel your growth." - Preeti Shah


"Every step forward, no matter how small, leads to success." - Preeti Shah


"Unleash your potential and let success become your daily adventure." - Preeti Shah



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